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Ideas For Creating A Barn Wedding

Barns and rustic country style weddings and receptions have become a popular trend, and for the country bride and groom, they are the perfect setting to have a jamboree of a wedding. In most cases, you’ll be lucky to find a barn that is wedding ready, haven’t seen one yet with some need of preparation for a wedding event. So typically, there’s much prep work to be done prior to setting up for your big day and dressing up the barn creating the rustic setting you want.

Barn wedding can be dressed up or dressed down with eye catching details matching the style and decor of your wedding, and offer endless charm. There are several decorating ideas and perfect elements to incorporate into the décor.

  • Sprinkle clean straw on the barn floor for a country hoedown wedding

  • Drape fabric from the ceiling; add led lighting to the sheer draping blending rustic with elegance.

  • All barns have posts inside, using those into your decoration theme is always a must, tie wide strips of burlap around the barn posts and tie into a large bow, add a feminine touch and add a layer of lace on top of the burlap or wrap white or colored sheer or fabric around each.

  • If the barn has stalls, incorporate them into your wedding. Set up and use one as a bar area. Make a sign from an old window, window frame, end of a barrel or even a wagon wheel and have the word “Bar” hanging above the stall entrance. Another use for the barn stalls are having separate “His” and “Hers” restroom with a porta potty in each. Again, hang a sign above stating something like “Cowgirls and “Cowboys”

  • Tie colored coordinating ribbon around a bunch (4-5) corn stalks and stagger around the barn.

  • Providing there’s enough room inside the barn, use decorated hay bales or any style wooden wagon playing into the role of the country design. The wagon becomes part of the wedding décor, and also can be used a gift table, old time candy buffet, or a head table for the bride and groom, the use and ideas incorporating a wagon is endless.

  • Find several old time lanterns, hang around the barn or use as table decorations. If possible, light them for some vintage style lighting. Hang paper lanterns and light the inside with lighting.

  • If you’re looking to add lighting, opt for up lighting around the wall areas, also use the up lighting to highlight prominent areas as well.

  • Create natural floral centerpiece using the elements of nature. Find downed trees and cut 3-4 inch thick slices from logs to use as the centerpiece base. Providing you have time, cut 2-3 different diameters and stack on top of each other. Use the wild flowers and greenery from the country surroundings and design your centerpiece to blend into your rustic style wedding.

  • Another centerpiece blending into the scape of country is using mason jars decorated with burlap, burlap and lace, raffia or maybe colored satin ribbon coordinating with your color scheme or season wrapped around the jar, then fill with florals or crystals of choice. Give the jars added country décor and add small rocks inside each. Add some ambiance and create floating candles with each of the mason jars as decorative centerpieces.

  • Search rummage sales for cowboy/girl boots to use as decorations or centerpieces. Add floral arrangements and decorate with burlap, lace or both.

  • If you’re lucky enough to have or find an old hanging boiling pot, fill with ice and use for beverages.

    These are just a few ideas and inspirations with eye catching details that can create a rustic and yet a fantasy setting for your barn wedding.