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Decorating a Baby Shower with Accessories

There are numerous baby decorations you can use for decorating a baby shower event. With so many baby shower decorating accessories to choose from, you can create any theme, color scheme or presentation for your shower event imaginable.


One of the most common decorations is balloons. You can tie a balloon with pink or blue ribbon on each of the chairs of the reception table or use just one in the center of the table. You can find balloons in a variety shapes, sizes and colors. Popular styles are the Itís A Boy in blue or the Itís a Girl in pink in the latex style of balloons. They also come with ponies, baby feet, Noahís Ark and many nursery rhyme characters which would reflect on your baby shower event. Maybe youíre having a Prince or Princess themed baby shower; there are balloons that are shaped as a princess or prince crown. Another idea using balloons as baby accessories are pre made gifts which you have a mini balloon, maybe some coordinated candy inside a ceramic such as a baby bootie, choo choo train, or even a ABC block container. These can also be used as your table centerpieces, then, draw names at the end of your baby shower and give them away as favors. The container can be used after to plant flowers or greenery for the babyís room.

Party Streamers

Another baby accessory used for showers is streamers. These have been used for many years for just about any event and are still popular today for decorating and is alsoa traditional decoration. You should color coordinated them with your theme, or another idea is to use a couple of colors and twist them together such as pink and purple or blue and yellow. You can also use cutouts of baby bottles, pacifiers, diapers or even themed such as yellow rubber ducks across the wall or the reception hall.

Party Supplies

Donít forget about the baby shower supplies like the paper plates, napkins and tableware. You can go to your local party store and find all of these accessories to match your shower theme and colors. You can find the baby shower party supplies all in a kit containing the accessories needed so you wonít have to hunt down all the individual baby shower items. The baby shower kits contain the paper plates for the dinner and the dessert, paper cups, napkins, tableware, balloons, streamers and even the table centerpiece with enough supplies for partyís up to 16 and 32 guests.

Candle Favors

Hereís a unique idea, use baby food jars and put votive candles inside, then tie a ribbon with a bow on each and place them around the shower hall for decorations. Or, paint the baby jars in the color or colors that will match your shower. Another idea, instead of putting a candle inside the jar, put candy in them instead. Candles are often used for decorations at baby showers and even for baby favors for the guests. You can find candle favors in many styles and colors which will match shower decorations. Thereís candles in shapes of lolly pops, baby bottles, pinwheels, teddy bear rocking horses and even themes such as Bun in the Oven.

Unique Shower Decorations

Hang an umbrella from the ceiling underneath a shower table. Fill it with balloons and tie curly ribbon to dangle down as small streamers or tie small favors to hang down such as baby pacifiers, bottles or even baby toys and rattles will work also. Diaper cakes are a nice compliment to a baby shower as a table centerpiece. Stuff them with baby accessories which the mom will be able to use after the baby is born. Fill with baby lotions and shampoos, baby oil, baby bottles, pacifiers, rattles or any baby essential you can think of. Of course with the baby diaper cake, the mom to be will have extra diapers. Baby sock bouquets is another decoration idea that you can easily make and use as decorations for each table and you can even make a baby sock corsage for the mom to wear. After the shower, now the mom will have socks for the new baby as well.