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Cute Baby Shower Favor Idea

Baby Sock Bouquet IdeaAre you the type of person who is creative when is comes to making your own decorations and favors for holidays and special events. Here’s an idea for a baby shower favor. With this idea, you can make these as a single favor, or make a sock bouquet of a dozen, or as many as you wish to give the new mom and dad a baby gift. They are always in need of baby socks so they will be very useful as a gift. There are many more ideas you can use them in as well. For example, if you put your own baby gift baskets together, you can use the socks to decorate the baby basket, make a small corsage bouquet to honor the mom, or even make a large table centerpiece to add decorations to your baby shower event. Those are just a few examples and ideas which the baby sock bouquets can be useful as. The sock bouquets are pretty simple to make, below are the accessories you will need to make these adorable bouquets yourself.

1. 6 pair of baby socks – Choose a color for the gender of the baby or even a baby theme work also be a good idea. Another idea is to mix and match the colors such as purple, yellow and white or green yellow and white. Those colors will work well to use as neutral.

2. Green Floral Tape

3. Green Floral sticks, skewers, or even use stems from artificial flowers

4. Ribbon – Again you can use a colored ribbon for the gender of the baby or find some imprinted ribbon with maybe baby feet, pacifiers, baby bottles or ribbon which says “It’s a Boy” or “It’s a girl” would work great also.

Now let’s get to making these cute flower buds.

• Using 1 sock at a time, place the sock flat and have the toe pointing towards you. Start rolling the sock tightly from the toe until it reaches the heel.

• Holding the sock firmly so won’t loosen up and unravel on you, Fold the top of the sock around half of the rolled part of the sock to form a flower petal.

• Using the floral stick or what have chosen for the stem, put into the bottom of the baby sock and then wrap the bottom of the sock with the stem with floral tape. Be careful when you are doing this step, not to let the baby sock unravel.

• Use can use shorter stems and longer stems if you desire to give the bouquet some added detail. If you are going to make a corsage, you may want to use small thin wire or even green pipe cleaners instead of stems. Then get a corsage pin at your local craft store and wrap the bouquets to the pin. You can also put artificial leaves on the stems using some hot glue. Most of the time, when you purchase just the leaves, they will have a wire from the bottom to let you wrap around the stem of the bouquet. Hot gluing is a suggestion to help keep in place.