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Bridal Shower History Trivia

Bridal Shower History
Did you know that bridal showers derived back in history of the 1500’s - 1600’s time, in the country of Holland as many will say? The story tells that it all started when a young Dutch girl from a prominent family fell madly in love with a young man who’s family was millers. Her heart was so set on marrying this young lad but unfortunately her father and family disapprove of marrying him because of his stature. Since the father would not approve, he or his family would not provide any dowry, dowry are gifts or wedding gifts which would help establish their home as the couple starts their new lives together as husband and wife. So without the dowry, the father figured they wouldn’t be able to be together and get married. When friends heard about her father not providing any dowry, the friends and community all brought gifts showering the couple so they could establish a home, allowing the couple to be together. The father was so overwhelmed from the outpouring of all the people, he and the family had a change of heart consented to their marriage and providing the wedding gifts for their happy home. From that day forward, it has become custom for the future brides friends and family to bring her gifts before she starts her new journey.

Today’s bridal showers have developed into a party of celebrations as her last days before she begins her new journeys of life. Traditionally, guests would bring the bride to be; useful gifts that would help both the bride and groom with their new marriage, but, the times have changed with bridal showers typically evolving around the bride. Still, many bring bridal gifts, well wishes and their favorite dishes to pass around with bridal shower games planned out for their event. Usually the maid of honor will host the shower, but you’ll find that even a close friend or a family member will host and plan the event. Many showers are planned and decorated around the theme of the couples wedding. A fairytale theme, beach or Las Vegas style, a traditional style or just opt for a coffee or tea occasion or sometimes they’ll make a day at the spa just to pamper the future bride.

Another change in the history of bridal showers are bridal shower favors. The bride will chose a favor based on her theme or favors with such phrase as “Lets Celebrate” “Love is Brewing” or even “Two Peas in a Pod” are popular. The use for favors is to spread thanks to all of her guests for celebrating and for sharing their special day. The favors can also reflect the personality of the bride as well, adding personalization of the couples name or just the brides name with the date of their wedding or the bridal shower party. Bath favors and candles are another popular favor brides will elect to choose as a small token of appreciation for attending her event. Shower party favors have developed over the years with unique designs and styles that are not only adorable but also reflect the variety of themes events are planned around.

The next bridal shower you are attending or even if you are hosting a shower for the lucky bride to be. Use this bridal shower history trivia just to see how many of the guests know any of the history of a bridal shower. You can even throw in a favor or a gift to the guest who gives the most inforamtion. Have Fun At The Shower Party!!!!

If your hosting or planning a bridal shower party and looking for other game ideas to keep the bridal shower fun and interesting, you'll find a few fun bridal shower games that will keep the bride to be and the guests having fun throughout the party event. Bridal Shower Games

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