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Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Itís typically a tradition for the groom to pay forward and reward his groomsmen for standing close by throughout his engagement, into his wedding celebrations and next to him at the altar. Then thereís the daunting task of coming up with groomsmen gift ideas of something each will like and also useful. Thereís the typical keychain or the usual beer mug which some may like, and of course each are useful, but coming up with unique groomsmen gift can present a challenge.

When it comes to ideas for those special and long standing friends, there are some questions to ask yourself about each of the groomsmen and the best man to make the decision and task much easier, and come up with a small selection of gift ideas that will be useful to them, and also have a special purpose and meaning of your wedding day.

Think of each personís personality and what their likeís and dislikeís are to start narrowing down your gift selections. Donít think that you have to get the same gift for each, all men are not created equal so all groomsmen gifts shall not be the same as well.

What are their hobbies or what does each of the groomsmen enjoy doing in their spare time.

  • A special tool such as a router, saw or carving utilities if they enjoy making things from wood.

  • Are they into sports and which sport is their favorite, football, baseball, a round of golf, soccer?

  • Golf accessories ( towel, tees, balls, range finder, shoe bag, golf bag, putter)

  • Mugs with their favorite sports team.

  • Sports shaped cheese serving tray (football, soccer ball, golf ball, putting green)

  • Tickets to a sports game

    Are they an outdoors person who likes fishing hunting or camping or love to spend time at the beach?

  • Sports seat to use for outdoor events

  • Personalized travel cooler

  • Insulated beverage bottle

    Maybe they are a music person who enjoys listening to their favorite songs or passionate about playing a certain type of instrument.

  • Create a CD with their favorite songs

  • Personalized drum sticks

  • New sheet music

  • Guitar shaped Cheese board and server

  • Piano cheese cutter board with serving utensils.

  • Tickets to a concert

    Are they someone youíll find around the table playing several hands of poker on a Friday night among friends, or frequent trips to Las Vegas?

  • Personalized card case with cards.

  • Playing dice

  • Poker chip set

  • Roulette Table

  • Their own slot machine

  • Round trip to Vegas

    Do they have a room in their house where they like to kick back and hang out, play pool or darts, and maybe have a few drinks with friends? A room many guys would call their man cave.

  • Personalized Signs

  • Darts

  • Nice pool stick

  • Pub Set

  • Hanging bar light

  • Neon sign with their name

  • Wine accessories

  • Personalized Bar Set

  • Personalized Mug

    Are they of the executive type, a doctor, or maybe lawyer?

  • Desk caddies

  • USB flash drives

  • Ball point or fountain pen

  • Cufflinks are always a favorite choice ( engraved or unique design)

  • Cigar humidor

  • Office putter set

  • Personalized wine glasses

  • Wine or cocktail case

  • Wine accessories

    When thinking of a gift for the groomsmen, whether it may be expensive or inexpensive, but whatever gift you choose, the important thing to remember is to give them something each will cherish just as much as you cherish their friendship. Even traditional gifts can become unique and meaningful when personalizing with a monogram or a special thank you message. Remember it is your special day and so you want to make sure that those special and close friends who have been with you throughout the course of your pre days before and through your wedding day receive a groomsmen gift each are going to treasure as a keepsake for the rest of their lives.