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Hawaiian Beach-Tropical Wedding Tips and Ideas

Hawaiian Beach-Tropical  Wedding Tips and Ideas Picture this! Abundant rays of sunshine surrounding you among lush foliage with sweet scents of the colorful tropical floral are whisked throughout the slight breeze. In the background, the sounds of ocean waves washing up on the beach along with the soft singing from the exotic birds. Can you imagine having your wedding in the atmosphere of what Hawaii has to offer? There are many future brides and groomís who dream of having such an event at this tropical destination and for a good reason. The weather is always perfect, the sun rises and sunsets are as beautiful as you can imagine, the luscious tropical gardens where you may choose to have your wedding ceremony would make a storybook wedding or at a secluded beach with the waves washing up on your feet. There are endless reasons for planning a wedding in Hawaii and for those of you who have searched and looked at this idea, you know itís worth the extra effort to perform your wedding vows and have your wedding reception celebration at one of the most sought after wedding destinations. This is especially for those who live in the northern states such as Michigan. You would not only have your wedding in a tropical location but, it will also be a very nice escape in the late winter, or early spring just to break the winter blues.

For those of you who are thinking serious about taking the plunge at some tropical beach destination, there are a few absolutes which you must put in your wedding planning list. This will help ease some of the burden for your wedding day event and celebrations.

  • One of the first things as we all know, is planning, and make sure you start your wedding plans early. At a minimum, give yourselves at a minimum of 1 year, but, many couples will start their planning process 2 years out once they decide on an actual day of their wedding proposals.

  • Decide on which Hawaiian Island you will have your tropical wedding. There are several to choose from and they all have many resources for your services. The more wedding services you use there, the less planning you will have make prior to your departure. Research each of the tropical locations for what they have to offer and amenities. Search for an officiant and what type of services they provide, and there locations for the ceremony they have to offer, and donít be afraid to ask for references. We chose to get married in Oahu and had Above Heavens Gate for our services which we would recommend if this is your choice wedding destination.

  • By now you have chosen your destination and have a wedding officiant set up. He/She will be able to help you out a great deal also. Since performing weddings is their specialty, they will be able to either provide you the services you require or will recommend a wedding service company for you. When we did our wedding planning, we decided not to go with a wedding consultant and made all the arrangements ourselves. This of course saved us on our wedding ceremony.
  • You must get a marriage license from the state of Hawaii for the bride and groom to get married. A good idea would is go to the State of Hawaii Department of Health website to read and download the marriage license form so you are prepared prior to you arrival at the island.

  • A good recommendation is to have all of your wedding attire prior to going to Hawaii. Of course we know the bride will have her bridal accessories, wedding dress and everything that makes her as the princess she is, but, the groom bestman and groomsmen should be prepared. Meaning - have their tuxes and matching shoes fitted and bring them as well. If you decide to find a local tux and make arrangements for your party to get the tuxedos there, thereís a chance that maybe a problem such as to short or to long, and now itís a mad dash for alterations.

  • To get a limo or not? Itís more convenient to have a limo ready for you than not. This will provide transportation for your bridal party to your wedding destination of your secluded beach, a breathtaking tropical water garden or maybe you have chosen to set sail and say your wedding vows at sea. When your wedding ceremony is over, your limo is awaiting for you to whisk you away. ē Above Heavens Gate was also able to provide many services which most of know is a necessity such as having your hair and make done prior to your ceremony, or you can do some research, or ask your officiant who they would recommend.
  • Then thereís the thought of a photographer or a videographer to capture those tender moments of your wedding ceremony and your bridal party. As said before, many of these services will provide many of the necessities of which is either needed or want during the wedding. During your planning stages, evaluate the service providers for what they have to offer. Call them and talk to them about your wedding plans, make notes on their responses to help you with your decision making.

  • Your wedding reception can be at the hotel you are staying at, many of the hotels have banquet halls which will provide services such as catering and even have a wedding cake made from your directions and pictures you provide. Thereís another option if you donít have many guests or a large wedding party is going to a Hawaiian Luau. They are exciting and fun as you attending a large party which will almost be like your reception. When you purchase tickets at the hotel, tell the concierge or have one of the bridal set it up that thereís a newly married bride and groom attending. You and your wedding guests will have front row seating at the dinner table and for all the festivities of the party.

    If you are considering a wedding in Hawaii or at some tropical beach destination, these tips and ideas will help you during the planning stages as you begin your journey to wedding bliss!