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Necessary Baby Accessories

Before that precious baby is born, the new mom must be prepared with all the necessary baby accessories to care for the newborn baby. These are baby items she will use daily to give the proper care, ranging from diapers to a baby socks. When a baby shower is planned to celebrate the new addition, usually, the family, friends and guest of the baby shower will all buy the essential baby accessories and give as shower gifts. This will ensure the new mom will be well prepared for the daily care of her baby from the very first day. The guests at the baby shower should also bring baby items and supplies as shower gifts to add to her list of must have baby items. With all the proper baby accessories in place, the new mom will have less worries of having everything needed for the new baby arrival and the proper care can be given.

Below is a list of accessories and baby basics you will need, which are baby essentials for your everyday care and use.

• Baby Diapers – You can never have enough diapers for a newborn baby, a good idea throughout your pregnancy is to purchase diapers when they are on sale and of course use coupons when available. A diaper cake is a suggestion as a baby shower gift, very useful and also adds to the decoration of the baby shower.

• Baby Layettes – Typically you will receive several layette sets as gifts from your baby shower but the layettes are much needed. You can change these 2-3 times a day if not more.

• Baby Socks and Booties – Another needed baby accessory to keep your baby’s feet nice and warm, especially in the cooler months. You will find yourself changing these 2-3 times daily along with the baby layettes or onsies.

• Baby Sleepers – Sometimes you will receive a couple of the sleepers at the baby shower from your guests but you should pick up at least 5-6 sleepers.

• Baby Blankets – Have several blankets to wrap the baby up with. You will use them from the first day of leaving the hospital.

• Burp Clothes, Wash Clothes, Baby Bibs – You will use the baby burp clothes and the baby wash clothes constantly during and after feeding.

• Baby Lotion, Baby Oil, Baby Powder – These are more baby essentials which you never seem to have enough of. With some luck, you’ll receive a couple baby gift baskets or baby care kits filled with all of the baby necessities.

• Baby Hygienic Supplies – Of course, these are the accessories you will need for preventive measures to keep you new baby healthy and safe. Baby supplies to keep in the nursery would be baby thermometer, alcohol, Q-Tips, cotton balls, nasal bulb syringe, vaseline, baby ointment and baby wipes to name a few of the main supplies you should have.

Of course ther are many other accessories you will need prior to the arrival of your new baby. There are also the baby items for the nursery, travel and care. For more information and ideas visit http://www.kimsgiftbaskets.com/needed-baby-accessories.html