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A Place For Placecard Holders

How often have you been invited to a wedding reception and when you’ve walk in, there’s no seating arrangements so you find yourself looking for a table with friends or relatives and hoping there’s enough room for you and your guests or family. This happens more often than you think, even at the most posh weddings. Many couples will over look the need for placecard holders for their event, whether they feel they’re not needed, or it’s an accessory that’s overlooked.

Place cards can actually be useful in a variety of ways for weddings or any celebration event where there are many guests to be attending. By placing for seating arrangements, many placecard holder frames are designed to be used as wedding favors. After the event, guests can insert a favorite photo and display with other family and friends pictures.

Place card holders add to the table décor and can accommodate any theme. Whether planning a sophisticated affair, an exciting fun chic style wedding or a playful party bash, place card holders can be selected to fit your theme, modern or vintage and also serve double duty as favors for all guests. Using simple folded pieces of paper with names of the guests printed on each would be quite boring and sometimes, not all that attractive. There are many ideas to liven up your place card settings and to help make your event even more spectacular. Wedding place card holders should reflect the theme or color of the event, and also given to guests to become lasting keepsakes for your guests.

When it comes to choices in place card holders, there’s a design for just about any imaginable theme or style of wedding matching up with your wedding decorations. Some idea types of placecards for your seating arrangements may include:

  • Silver brushed or beaded coordinating for any elegant or formal wedding, wedding anniversary or event.

  • Gold brushed or beaded coordinating well with any wedding, golden anniversary or elegant event.

  • Sand and Shell place card holders, Adirondack chair placecard/photo frame, flip flop photo holders or using shells for beach style weddings.

  • Having your reception in the park? Use the Park Place vintage park bench or the Bourbon Street - Street lights for a decorative touch.

  • Party in the garden may include Topiary, water garden or calla lily designed place cards for the perfect garden or summer setting.

  • With popular black and white as the accents and color décor, you may include Mod black for a modern design, damask creates an elegant display to a vintage design like black baroque frames.

  • Fall celebrations may include use a leaf design, bronze or gold color holders blend in well.

When using the place cards, don’t forget to locate them in an area where the guests will see them as they walk in. This will take away the confusion of guests locating their name on a selective or numbered table. Typically, each of the placecard frames are set up in alphabetical order of the guests last names on a table at the front entrance or a convenient location visible when arriving to your event.