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Wedding Reception Must Haves

Wedding Reception Must HavesBeyond the typical amenities for the wedding reception, there are must have accessories that would not only add to the enhancements of the décor, but would become keepsake mementos year after year after.

Most brides are aware when planning their wedding reception, they include a menu or food for the guests, a DJ for smooth music during dinner, then dance music for the celebration and festivities, table centerpiece decorations are perfect for creating a stunning impression and let’s not forget about the wedding cake, and photographer capturing those special moments of time, but getting past those, here are wedding reception accessories that are must haves when planning your perfect day.

Guest Signing

Some will disagree but this is one item you may regret many years later when you reminisce and try to remember who attended your special day. So whether you provide a wedding guest book, a signing plate, signature mat or maybe a wishing tree, you’ll thank yourself later when your guests write their heartfelt messages and signatures.

Seating Arrangements

Think about when your guests arrive, looking around wondering where to sit themselves, this is where a seating arrangement chart comes in handy, place at the front entrance of your reception hall. This takes some thoughtful planning of course, you don’t want to family of friends sitting close to others where it may stir the pot when their maybe animosity among others that are close. Adding to a seating chart, have each of the tables numbered or identified as a direction for the guests, then provide table placecards at each place setting on the table.

Wedding Cards

When your guests arrive at your celebration event, many have a special card to give the bride and groom with a special and sincere message and usally a monetary gift included inside. Just so the gift cards aren't spread around a table out in the open, have a wedding card box displayed on a gift table allowing your guest to drop inside. The card box will help with some organization when gathering them up at the end of the reception.

The Bride and Groom Toast

After the dinner hour, the best man, maid of honor and several of the wedding party will stand up and provide a brief speech about the bride and groom, then toast to the new bride and groom. With all eyes on the bride, groom and wedding party during this monumental period of the wedding reception, ensure you have the toasting glasses available at each place setting of the entire party including the bride and groom. The toasting glasses can be personalized for each with their name, an then the glasses become a keepsake, or try to incorporate the style or color into your theme or color décor.

The Wedding Cake

What’s a wedding reception without the wedding cake, then what is a cake without a cake topper? The cake itself is almost perfect but there maybe one thing missing, the cake topper. Most of the time, this is the final touch which will make the cake stand out as one of the most stunning attractions of the wedding reception. There are however exceptions when a topper in not necessary, such as if there is are floral designs made from the frosting layering the top tier or certain cake designs which may not have the need for one. But choose a wedding cake topper best suited for the style of the cake and your wedding giving your cake that breath taking appearance the moment guests arrive.

Cake Cutting Ceremony

After the dinner, speeches and toasting takes place it’s dessert time, so now you move to the cake cutting ceremony. A wedding cake knife and server is another accessory you would want in place when both the bride and groom have the tradition cake cutting. Remember, there will be many photos taken so your really don’t want to use plastic ware for this ceremony. Coordinate your cake knife and server to your wedding cake along with your server set should blend into your décor and style of your wedding.

Whether your wedding reception is small and quaint or large and extravagant, add these essentials to your wedding reception accessories list providing a memorable and smooth wedding for the bride, groom and their guests.