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Wedding Reception Seating Arrangement Ideas

Wedding Reception Seating Arrangement IdeasWhen planning a wedding reception, one area that should never be overlooked is having a seating arrangement in place for guest when they arrive at your event. Without the proper seating in place, guest will arrive, look around in despair, look for a couple or family they know and hope there is enough room for them and possible their guests or family. This can be cluttered chaos when the last of the guests arrive and try to find seats at a reception table. If they’re lucky, enough seating is available for them, their guest or family, then the chances are very slim, they sit with other guests they know, if not, it could lead to an uncomfortable situation for them.

Prior to your event, one of the first to take place is creating a seating chart. Take the time to put some thought process with this task. Think about what couple or family you should place at the same table. A most common tradition at wedding receptions is to place the families of the bride and groom at the front tables. Typically, arrange the seating so the bride’s family is on the same side as she is sitting at the bride and groom table, and the grooms family on the same side as he. You can however, join each of the families at the same tables providing there’s no animosity between them.

Single guests can be much more challenging when laying out your seating arrangements. A practice is not to seat all the singles at one table or location, this arrangement can give them the feeling as being an outcast. Try to assign 1 or 2 singles at a table with a family or couple they would feel comfortable with.

Provide a visual means for the guests upon their arrival. There are several methods to incorporate seating for each of the guests to give each of them guidance to their arranged table.

  • One possible idea is to ask a friend or relative to be the gracious host to greet each guest and escort them to a numbered table. In this manner guests, guests will feel comfortable and also your event will have a sophisticated feel as well. The host will work off an assigned sheet with names similar to the host or hostess at a restaurant. Additionally, arrange seating based on individuals who know one another or who may have things in common.

  • Another idea would be creating a menu type seating arrangement. One is that of a standing style and placed just as the reception guests enter into the hall, or a wall hanging menu. You don’t have to go out and put a great expense into either of them, both place seating menus can be made using a poster frame or even a large photo frame, either hung on a wall or stand on an easel. Using craft or poster paper from your local craft store, create a table menu listing guests to be seated at a numbered table. The paper comes in a variety of colors to match the scheme of the wedding or just white. Decorate the paper and or frame with many creative ideas such as hang kissing bells or wedding band favors, or on the paper, decorate with ribbon, bows, pictures of the bride and groom or flower petals are just a few ideas.

  • Place cards are traditional in many weddings, each either printed or hand written with the guests name and table number. Place card holders can also be a wedding favor and used as photo frames for each of the guests after the event to display their favorite picture of the wedding.

What ever creative ideas you generate for your seating arrangements, a great deal of thought and detail should apply to this task to avoid confusion, anger or distress on both the guests and the Bride and Groom. Your wedding day is a day to be remembered by all as beautiful and flawless day.