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Vintage Wedding Attire Ideas

Are you inspired with the vintage look for today’s wedding? Vintage… the new look with old or new reflecting the old style and designs of yesteryear has become a popular trend in weddings and party settings with many looking for vintage wedding attire ideas for their next inspiring event. If it’s a wedding you’re reflecting on, start by incorporating the style of the era into the bride, groom and the entire wedding party for the look of a classy and elegant affair.

Accessorize the Bride and Bridesmaids

First, let’s look at the bride and see what ideas that can be blended into her attire creating the charismatic qualities of vintage. Of course, the dress is the first place to start, look for wedding dresses designed in delicate lace embroidery that will evoke the timeless of elegance on any bride. Go beyond the fancies of lace and add romantic sequins and beaded details to the dress bringing out your femininity. Don’t tire yourself searching through the closets or all those antique stores finding the perfect vintage dress or accessories, today’s designers are now taking that old but elegant look, and implementing the characteristics into the dresses.

Add details to the bride creating a vintage flair with such fashion accessories of the era. Encompass hair essentials with pearl covered hair clips, feather fascinators, embellished rhinestone ribbon headbands or bridal hair combs. Feature a bridal veil as part of your attire but if your reflecting the era of the 1930’s, many brides wore hats such as a cloche, pillbox or a fedora as in the gangster styling.

Bridal gloves were a popular accessory but typical were worn by the women who were considered a prominent stature, but in the 1950’s, bridal gloves became more popular when many wore elbow length fingerless gloves in lace, satin or tulle.

Take you and your bridesmaids back to the day when women would stroll down the city streets with a parasol. Parasols will add a touch of class and not to mention a little flirtatious appeal to the bride and her bridal party.

Bridal and bridesmaids hair accessories covered with pearls, hair feather fascinators, hair combs embellished with rhinestones, swarovski crystals and pearl accents will be vintage hair pieces of perfection that will inspire the bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids on your wedding day.

Groom and Groomsmen

To give the groom, bestman and groomsmen the charismatic qualities of another era, the gentleman will look sharp with a sporty look of a derby, or give each a gangster look with a fedora or homburg or the classy and sophisticated look and appeal of a tophat.

Replace the typical vest with matching and coordinating suspenders, nothing says vintage more, and with the guys sporting a hat from the era of your wedding style, the groom and his pose will complete the style and look.

Another addition to their attire are black and white wingtips or saddle shoes are classic vintage fashion for the guys.

Add a small accessory to each of the guys with a pocket watch attached to a chain. The idea of the pocket watch gives each of the groomsmen and best man a small token of appreciation, and a as a gift for standing next to the groom on his wedding day.