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Vintage Wedding Ideas

Today, brides are reflecting back in history with the glamorous vintage style weddings when the fishtail dresses, feathered boas and hats were worn with prestige style. There’s an attraction of the 1920’s Hollywood glam look to the 1940's that is appealing to the modern bride of today and all for good reasons. Most of us weren’t there during the era of the roaring twenties and thirties but most have watch movies, read books and stories and have even listened to their grandparents, as each of them reminisce and spoke of their day and time. When your thoughts and ideas are focused on a vintage style wedding, here are some ways that you can achieve it at your wedding.

If you’re going for total vintage, start with the reception, look for halls that have the vintage look and feel. Some things to look for in a hall would be hanging crystal chandeliars from the ceiling, beautiful candelabras mounted on the wall or pillars, large crown moulding decorated with a vintage flare, old style curtains in floral patterns. Other decorative details would be in the wall paper, wooden floors, mural displays, for that old fashion vintage look or a winding staircase that would create perfect photo opportunities.

When it comes to your wedding reception hall, there are plenty of decorating ideas you can add for a glamorous affair. One of the most common decorations are ostrich feathers! The ostrich feathers have become popular over that past couple of years and mostly practical when used as table centerpieces. Incorporate feathers with flower arrangements or the ostrich feathers can be displayed as the main attraction to the tables. Crystal candelabras with tall candles can add an elegant touch or think about hanging parasols throughout the hall, antique style for the escort cards or use lacey designed wedding Fans for each guest as their favor. Instead of the traditional water pitcher, place brandy snifter at the tables, fill them with water, wine, brandy or juice.

One of the best ways to add that vintage look to your wedding is with the bride and the bridesmaid dresses. A variety of designs and features will help you step back in time with style, even for today’s modern bride. Look for lace and beads to give you a classic elegant style or cascading ruffles for a vintage flair. Add in bridal accessories like a brooch with vintage accents, or any style vintage jewelry to draw the theme together. For a truly vintage wedding dress, search local consignment or thrift shops find a wedding dress from the 1920s to 1950s that's been preserved immaculately. Remember true vintage can also mean very delicate and may be considered too fragile to wear. Additionally, browse the web or classifieds where there are often vintage wedding dresses in a variety of styles available for purchase.

Bridal veils were also a trend during that time and typically matching the style of the bridal dress. Another style worn were small fitted boxy or pillbox designed hats, today you also see small bridal hats adorned with a Russian style veil enhanced with feathers as a classic presentation. Bridal ribbon hair piece creates a delicate and aspiring touch to any vintage style when worn.

At the start of the wedding reception and even during dinner hour, have a mix of music from the wedding era you choose. Bring out the older generation when you incorporate the music from the 1920’s – 1950’s into the first hour of your celebrations and watch the fun they’ll have.

After the wedding ceremony, slip away in a vintage car or limo to the reception, another idea is to rent one for the day or weekend creating a fun and memorable day.

When you’re planning for a vintage wedding, you can incorporate a variety of old and new decorations to give you the style of wedding you have in mind. Bring your elder family or friends when gathering ideas into your scheme and you’ll be surprised of what could be added. Remember, vintage reflects to a period in the past, not a particular year or decade.