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Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

Wedding Cake Topper IdeasYum, nothing like have a wedding cake that looks irresistible to eat the moment you walk into your wedding reception. You can design your cake in many shapes, sizes or themed but the last addition is the cake topper crowning your cake, becoming the center of attraction and one of the highlights of the reception.

For a wedding cake, a topper is traditional creating a statement of your style, personality, and, there is nothing that makes a cake look unique than a distinctive cake topper. Amazing enough, there are many types of wedding cake topper ideas to choose. From monograms to bride and groom sculptures, with each style giving beauty and uniqueness to your cake.

  • One the most traditional wedding cake topper idea is the sculptures of a bride and groom. Traditionally, each one is standing together facing each other as if they were exchanging their vows, if you’re more into the comical and whimsical style, the styles range from texting, sexy dancing and even with the bride holding the groom back while he is trying to run away. You can have them specialty made to resemble and look like the bride and groom. The standard bride and groom figurine cake topper is always acceptable, but you can always consider one that suit your ethnicity or lifestyle. From African American, Asian, Hispanic, to interracial and gay couple cake toppers, there’s one to fit.

  • Monogrammed cake toppers are widely used for the glamorous attraction they will give to any cake! The monograms also come in a variety of styles and designs to fit your taste and budget. Styles to include Vintage, Renaissance, accented with Swaorvski crystals or plain or colored. For those of you who are the DIY kind of bride, purchase plain monograms and add crystals, small wedding bells, colored accessories matching your wedding décor, or anything that will reflect your personality.

  • Beach themed weddings are another favorite, and when designing a cake, include a cake top reflecting the beach, surf or seaside. A couple of favorites are the beach getaway, the Sandy Beach bride and groom or a couple with a surf board. These are the figurine style but there are also others that are more elegant in sterling silver and accents of Swarovski crystals. Using clean seashells on top and also spread around the cake make for the perfect beach theme.

  • Doves are perfect as they are a symbol of grace, beauty and eternal love. A pair of doves on a cake top is perfect for spring or summer weddings but can be used on any design or any time of the season.

  • Lavishly decorate a wedding cake by garnishing flowers to the top of a wedding cake. Flowers can also be arranged on each of the cake tiers, spiraling to the top or around the cake, placed on each of the tiers. You can choose to use real, artificial or have the baker make edible flowers from the icing or candies. Many brides will have their flower top look like their bridal bouquet.

  • Bows provide a modern topper to wedding cakes that can be made from edible candy, fondant, icing and even chocolate. Then of course, there is the traditional bow made from satin, sheer or most any fabric can be arranged creating a beautiful top. Or to be a little more creative, use a combination of bows and floral with the ribbon streamers dangling down the sides of the cake.

  • Is the bride or groom in the Military? Look for a cake topper representing the branch he or she is serving. There are a variety of designs for each the Navy, Army, Marines and Air Force that are ideal, especially when your wedding attire is in your Military dress uniform. You can also have your cake designer create the emblem on top or around the cake in icing or fondant.

  • Themed wedding cakes are becoming popular as the bride and groom plan out their wedding to include such themes as Las Vegas, with a cake topper to include lucky dice or a pair of cards showing black jack. With Vintage being a popular choice for today’s weddings, use feathers or find a top hat and a Cloche Bucket hat worn back in the roaring twenties.