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Fun Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Fun Wedding Guest Book IdeasLooking for ideas as an alternative to the traditional wedding guest book, capture those special messages and preserve them in any of these fun wedding guest book ideas. With a variety of amazing ideas to capture those keepsake memories, the inspirations are endless to keep guests in conversations, long after your wedding celebration is over.

  • Message in a bottle

  • Similar to the message in a bottle, have guests write down a special message and create a time capsule using a bottle. On your first (or chosen Anniversary) open the bottle and read those special messages.

  • Have guest sign a bottle of wine, then preserve the wine and open on a selected anniversary. If you’re having a large wedding reception, set out several bottles, each numbered for an anniversary year such as 1, 5, 10, 25, open on each numbered anniversary and toast to your happy marriage. This is also perfect for wine themed bridal showers. Opt for a bottle of champagne as an alternative.

  • Sports fans, you're in luck, use a baseball mitt, football, soccer ball… you get the idea. After the wedding reception, enclose the memorabilia in a glass display case.

  • Use a manzanita tree or white birch tree branches are also nice and create a wishing tree. Provide a tag or a vintage designed silver key tag set which includes a tag reading ”A Key To A Happy Marriage Is” and let the guest fill the tag in with their version of a happy marriage and hang on the tree.

  • Sea shells are perfect for beach style or themed weddings. Provide a clear glass vase with the bottom filled with colored sand, once guest sign the seashell, they can place it in the vase and it will become a home decoration.

  • Signing rocks or wishing stones have become popular in the past couple years. Use small decorative or colored stones and place in a vase. Once filled with the guests signatures, use as a home decoration.

  • If you have photos of your invite guests, display them out along with a tent card with their name and a number, have each guest sign their photo then paste on a canvas creating a collage or create a guest book photo album. Tent cards doubles as table #’s.

  • Set up a photo booth at the entrance so each guest can get their picture taken. Use your photo booth as guest book and provide a chalkboard or make your own with chalkboard paint. This will allow your guests write a message and capture it in the photo. Use the photos and create a memory collage.

  • Have guest sign a wine cork then drop into a wine cork holder. There are a variety of designed cork screw cages or holders that will make an ideal display at home.

  • Be a little creative on the digital side. Set up a video camera on a tripod and let guest become the stars for the bride and groom. Instead of hiring a company, have a friend or relative be the attendant of the video camera. Like a photo booth, provide props or chalkboard to write their special message.

  • If you’re having a wedding around the Christmas holiday, set up a Christmas tree at the entrance and beside the tree have a table with inexpensive or DYI made ornaments available. After guests write their message, guest can hang the ornament on the tree.

  • A Christmas style tree can work for Valentines or anytime for that matter, decorate the tree with ribbon and bows in a sweetheart theme (pink, red, purple), call it a sweetheart tree and provide coordinating ornaments for the guests to sign. Another addition to the tree is hang kissing bells on the tree and encourage guest to take one for ringing for a bride and groom’s kiss throughout the evening.