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Will You Marry Me -The Start of New Beginnings

You’re finally in Love with the person whom you want to share the rest of your life with! Then the question is asked.......WILL YOU MARRY ME!!!!!!!!!!! Since you are madly in love, you answer with a yes as your emotions overcome you with joy. Now after your celebrating moments and hours, the thought races through your mind........There is so much you have to do to plan your perfect wedding. As you were growing up, you have fantasized about this day, what and how your wedding day would be like. Everything is perfect like the fairytale would portrait. The prince charming as the groom and the princess as the bride, each of them glow with delight as they share in the common bond of matrimony. Well, we all know it was so easy to dream of that precious day but now the reality sets in. This is real... and you have only one chance to plan your wedding perfectly. Begin with making a list of everything that will be included. Some of the questions you will have to ask yourself and your life long partner.
  • Plan your wedding date - Do you want a spring wedding when all the foliage and flowers are coming back to life after the winters crisp cold air, or during the summer months when the summer nights are warm and the colors are vibrant. Even a fall or winter wedding is not out of the question. Whatever date and season you may chose is the start of your new journey.
  • We all know that you would want everything in the world for wedding, but, we all know in most cases there are limitations. Set a budget and remember, you both need to be in agreement in the planning process.
  • What type of wedding should I plan? Maybe a themed wedding such as a fairytale like your fantasies or maybe the both of you are attracted to the beaches and would like to have a beach themed wedding or possibly, a Las Vegas style wedding with your high roller friends and there's always that Hawaiian wedding that pops into you mind. There are so many possibilities of styles and themes and of course there is the traditional wedding which most couples elect to share their vows.
  • Should you hire a professional wedding coordinator to orchestrate your special day? The wedding coordinator will set up everything per your directions and requests. From the caterers, DJ, reception hall, all of your decorations to the wedding cake. If you decide to hire a coordinator, ask for references, a good wedding professional will have many clients that will rave over their services. Or, you may choose to line up your wedding day yourself with the assistance from your family and friends.
  • Choose your bridal party and groomsmen. Who are your choices and how many should you have. Will there be flower girls to throw the petals of love prior to your march of matrimony down the isle, ring bearers standing by the side of the bride and groom, as the precious rings setting on top of a soft velvet or satin and laced pillow, awaiting impatiently for the right moment.
  • Who will your guest be and how many guests will you invite to your wedding and reception. The wedding invitations are a must and the choices of styles, designs and colors are endless. Are you on a tight budget, then maybe you can design and print your own from your computer. Don't forget to have all your invited guest to R.S.V.P. to give you a more accurate count of who will be attending.
  • The thoughts of your reception!! Along with the wedding ceremony, this also will be one of the most important and memorable events. The theme and color coordination should match the same styles as you have chosen for your wedding. This is not something which is set in stone but this usually is the typical solution. The floral decorations are probably one of the most visible highlights, the are a many types of flowers and arrangements you can have for presentation. Some elect to go with the traditional roses (which have a strong meaning of Love) but in the present day, you will see Calla Lilys, Carnations, Orchids and so on. Remember, each flower represents a special meaning and season. Then, there's another possibility to add highlights to your reception hall which is balloon sculptures. A professional can create an ambiance of design and color to match your style and theme.
    Don't forget about the decor for the bride and groom table and of course, all of the tables for all your guests. By adding Wedding Favors to the guest tables such as placecard holders, Candles, favor boxes, photoframes, or Place Card Holders you can add not only an elegant look and style, but, also, a gift for your wedding guest just to say Thank You for attending our wedding.
  • Now for the your grand exit.............Heading out for your honeymoon. There are so many choices for your wedding honeymoon destination. Most couples vision their escape to a romantic destination on a deserted island where just the bride and groom can share their most intimate endeavors. Wherever and whatever your choice maybe, it'll be one of the most memorable moments of your new life as husband and wife. The start of new beginnings for now the new Bride and Groom.