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Wine Theme Weddings

Wine Theme WeddingsYou are among many brides who have their sights on a wine inspired wedding or bridal shower! Popular during the fall season, but having a wine themed wedding event can be done during all seasons. With planning ahead, you can make your event simple to an elaborate festive affair which will provide entertainment and a festive affair for everyone.

Your first step is deciding where you want to entertain your guests. One of the most common places and the initial thought is a vineyard. With the sprawling grape vines across the rolling hills, a vineyard or winery is the perfect setting for any wine event. You can have the same effect in a reception or banquet hall, search in your area for the possibilities of halls designed with Italian accents, or bring the vineyard to you in a backyard garden setting with the right set up and decorations.

With an elegant touch, and a unique element, you can easily create your own wine themed event. Here are some ideas helping in creating a wine themed wedding. Introduce a variety of wine for wine tasting during your event. Red wines can include merlot, cabernet sauvignon, shiraz, pinot and chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio or riesling for white wine selections giving your guests a variety.

Adding to the wine list, give guests a buffet of foods to tempt their taste pallet. Some delicious foods can include breads, and cheeses complimenting each of the wine varieties. Of course fruits and vegetables are always a favorite but don’t forget adding dips for each. Antipasta salad goes perfectly with a wine themed wedding event, If you want to make your buffet more of a lunch or dinner event, give guest a choice of meats and cheeses like Prosciutto, Genoa salami, Mortadella, provolone, brie, cheddar to name a few.

Appearance when guests arrive will set the tone for your event and the decorations will be the main focal point. From the table centerpieces and place settings, to the decorations of the reception hall, tent or where you choose the main venue location.

Tall white pillars with dangling, or hanging greenery and even grapes will add definition, use at the entrance or on each side of the bride and groom table.

On out skirting tables, add art décor such as old wine crates with floral inside then surround with candles or wine bottles. Old wine barrels are perfect to set around, place a flower centerpiece, or create a centerpiece with grape vines with hanging grapes on top or a wire cork cage shaped. in a wine barrel, wine glass or maybe a wine glass and fill with the corks from the wine bottles during the event. Wrap wine crates and barrels with wide ribbon coordinating with your colors. Glue or use trinkets of old wine accessories on the crates or barrels for a rustic or vintage style.

Hang color coordinating paper lanterns, the lanterns are ideal for outdoor wine event. Tie a floralight inside and watch the night transform into an ambience of colorful glow of light.

With green and brown a popular color scheme for wine themed events, try brown table coverings with a green overlay on each. Another color combination would be a wine color for the table cover with a burnt orange or champagne overlay giving a nice pop and warmth to the color scheme. Coordinate your table setting with napkins matching your table covering, on each of your napkins; slip a wine themed napkin ring holder which will add to your décor.

Another idea for the table setting is having a wine designed coaster for wine glasses. Coasters come in many styles including cork, glass, or wood with a variety of designs reflecting wine and wine themed.

One of the must haves on the guest table is to include a centerpiece which will highlight not only the event but the each of the tables as well. Some table centerpiece ideas could include a wine bottle with a candelabra made just for bottles. Many of the candelabras are designed to include a tealight or pillar candle which will enhance the centerpiece. To really add the centerpiece, add pillar candles reflecting a wine design.

Another centerpiece idea is using multiple size wine glasses in height. If your creative, decorate with designs and color on the glasses with anything wine themed, use pillar or tealights inside the wine glasses, colored glass, marbles or stones work great too.

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